We received a call from a former model saying he had a friend that wanted to do a show for us. We typically have new local boys with no experience filming but when we ogled Wade's pictures, we couldn't wait for him to pay us a visit. His pictures truly did not do him justice, however. At 5'9" and tanned, with ripped muscles, a small waist and a tight, round totally fuckable ass, Wade is even more delicious in the flesh! The 24-year-old is an adult entertainer and loves his job. He has never been shy about letting his sexual needs known to anyone and everyone. Whether he is stripping or in front of the camera with his big cock out, Wade loves it all. He just about forgot the cameras were there and put on a slow sensual show for us, teasing us with his big cock until he couldn't hold back any longer. Releasing the pressure, Wade shot a big load of cum over his shoulder and licked it up, all the while with two fingers deep in his hole.
Featuring:  Wade
Release Date: 06/18/2018