Vitali Kutcher and Josh Cavalin - Tie Me Tease Me

Who doesn't like a little kinky fun with a friend? Vitali and Josh are just two buddies who enjoy exploring their sexuality and youth. It just happens to be at an underground sex club. Josh is ready, willing, and waiting to be tied up by Vitali to the *Saint Andrews Cross located in the room. Without hesitation, Josh gets just what he wants. *Vitali ties him up and, after kissing, drops to his knees and starts sucking on Josh's big hard dick. He takes good care of his buddy as he squirms, still bound to the cross. He then frees Josh so he can get his dick serviced. Vitali lays back on the small bed in the room while Josh gets to work. Once his dick is hard, they switch positions and Josh, ready to get fucked, let's his buddy slip right inside of him and enjoy his hole. Vitali loves pounding Josh's tight ass and does it in several positions around the room. Josh loves it just as much and is happy to be used. He strokes his dick while getting fucked on his back and shoots his load with Vitali still inside of him before taking his buddies load in his mouth.
Release Date: 11/13/2020