Trevor Laster

When we first heard from Trevor Laster we knew we had to meet him. The day arrived and in walks a 5'11" and 155 pounds of awesome sexiness with defined muscles from head to toe. Just when you think that Trevor can't get any more sexy than he already is, he whips out a big, fat cut cock that just keeps growing! We tried to pretend like we wanted to hear more about Trevor but we were anxious to get to the...ahem...meat of the session. Trevor stripped to show off naturally smooth skin and a defined body as he spread out on the couch, his swollen piece of meat between his legs, lubed up and ready to go. Trevor stroked it nice and slow, with long strokes. Trevor spread his legs a bit more as he picked up speed, until he was masturbating fast and furious Trevor let us all get a taste of his man juice squirting his cum all over his smooth abs. Hmmm. Tasty!
Featuring:  Trevor Laster
Release Date: 08/13/2018