Haigan Sence - Massage

Haigan Sence has made repeated trips to the studio. He's been in front of the camera and he's been behind, helping us with photo shoots, filming, and even editing on rare occasion. He's straight, or so he says, but no stranger to guy-on-guy action. The sexually charged, tattooed hottie doesn't care if a guy is swinging on his meet, or a girl. For him, it's all about the connection, the chemistry, and just how good you're going to make him feel when servicing his cock and taking his load. We decided to show him our appreciation for all he's done by getting him on the massage table. When he stripped down, he stood before us in a black jockstrap. Now, seriously. Is there anything sexier than a cute hung straight guy with a meaty little ass wearing a jockstrap? We didn't have to convince Haigan to relax so we could show him off on camera. He was already relaxed. He started off face down and let us explore every bit of his backside, including that beefy ass that makes us want to bite it! And trust us when we say, we get a good close look at that tight hole. He gave up total control so our expert masseuer could explore Haigan's chest, working his way down to that mouth watering uncut cock. And after examining Haigan from head to toe, playing and stroking his cock for good measure, he let loose with a hefty load splattered all over his abs. Yummm!
Featuring:  Haigan Sence
Release Date: 03/07/2018