Austin Perry - Massage

After putting in a long day of fucking, there's nothing better than getting a massage to work out the sore muscles and maybe eke out one final load. And since Austin Perry had done so well for us, had been such a professional, we decided to give him a treat -- and ourselves! -- by getting him naked on a massage table while a pair of hands explored his body and worked their magic. We give you a good long look at Austin, starting with him on his stomach as we oil up his entire body. Austin does his best not to make a sound but eventually is unable to avoid letting out moans of pleasure. Once our massage guy's hands were nice and warm, they slowly teased Austin's semi-hard cock until he was completely erect. Then, after working his lubed cock for a while, our "hands" gently explored Austin's hole while milking this baller of his seed.
Featuring:  Austin Perry
Release Date: 12/10/2018