Sully and Levi Madison

When Sully walked in to do his solo, Levi Madison was there as well. Levi loved what he called Sully's "straight-out-of-a-biker-gang" and was ready to have Sully bust his ass. In fact, Levi made such a fuss we figured, okay, we'd ask Sully if he'd be interested. He thought about it a moment and we all thought he'd throw in the towel then surprised when he said, "what the fuck." Only then did we realize who we'd all been holding our collective breath! After Sully's solo, he was like, "Okay, c'mon. We gonna do this or what?" Suffice to say that Levi might have been the only guy in the room not afraid of how things might turn out. Things couldn't have gone any more different than expected, with tops going bottom and bottoms going top then flipping it up again. Definitely one of the more surprising scenes we'd ever filmed.
Featuring:  Levi Madison, Sully
Release Date: 01/31/2018