Simon Best and Mark Troy - Ride Me Faster

Sometimes riding your friend is better than riding your bike. Simon wants to take his bike out for a ride and invites Mark. But Mark tells him that the weather is awful, which makes him horny, and that he'd rather stay in and fuck. The thought of being inside Mark is enough to get Simon hard and abandon the idea of bike riding. After kissing and groping, Simon licks on Mark's cock through his spandex shorts before pulling them off and taking it in his mouth. Mark loves when his friend sucks his cock, but would rather be the one licking on dick. When Mark gets Simon's dick hard enough to fuck his ass, they lay on their side, and Simon slides his cock in his buddy's hole. He starts to drill Mark's ass while Mark strokes his dick, taking every inch. Mark then rides Simon's big dick before getting fucked on his back. He jerks his cock while getting fucked until cum shoots out his rod. Simon then pulls out and joins his buddy, cumming on Mark's balls.
Featuring:  Mark Troy, Simon Best
Release Date: 04/23/2021