Our Boys In Their Kits

What do twinks do when alone? Beno’s been checking out his teammate, Josh since they started training for the new year of track at school. He hadn’t seen Josh for a while and forgot how cute he was. But what he didn’t forget was how good his ass felt. To prepare for wrestling season, Jared and Max decided to have a friendly practice match. But things got hot when Jared got on top of Max and put his cock in his face. Max didn’t expect it, but I wasn’t going to stop it either. Corey went into Jean’s room to get him outside for a bike ride, but he said that his leg hurt. Corey sat on his bed and started rubbing his leg. Then he started rubbing his cock. That’s when the heat turned up. Keiran’s been dying to get my hands all over his teammate, Robin. They’ve been flirting, and suddenly everything lined up for them to be in my room together while Keiran's parents were out of town. When opportunity knocks, you fuck your teammate.
Featuring:  Beno Eker, Corey Law
Release Date: 12/10/2021