Noel is flawless, at 6'5" with a beautiful, defined body. He's all man, from the top of his buzzed head to the tip of his size 12 shoes. Noel hit us up and asked if we thought he was model material. One look at that gorgeous face and we were sold. The killer, million dollar smile was just the icing on the cake. Since we'd only communicated via internet, we hadn't heard his voice and when we did, well, let's just say there were several erections when he arrived and spoke. Once out of his clothes, Noel started right away, charming the camera, as well as everyone on set, as he stripped down and got naked. And as if the mouth watering thick cock weren't enough, Noel sat back, grabbed his ankle, and pulled his leg over his head. We were like, what the fuck? We were hoping he might end up sucking his own dick, since we couldn't. LOL! But self-sucking or not, Noel worked the camera with charm and hard cock, teasing us as he let his juices flow all over his smooth brown skin.
Featuring:  Noel
Release Date: 12/25/2017