Noel and JC Carter

After we filmed Noel in a solo, we found out he was a professional massage therapist. Naturally, we HAD to bring him back, this time with super horny JC Carter on Noel's table. Now, Noel might be straight -- or at the very least, bi -- but it's obvious he knows how to get his male clients squirming once he has them naked on his table. Noel stroked and kneaded JC's back with those big hands, using long strokes, from JC's shoulders down to his bare ass. It wasn't long before JC asked to see Noel's big stud cock. Noel was all too happy to whip out his big black cock and let JC have a taste. After a while, the horny young hunks trade places and a naked Noel ends up on his back, with hungry JC providing Noel with a different sort of massage, one that involves his entire mouth! Noel enjoyed his blowjob almost as much as JC enjoyed giving it, working towards an acrobatic, upside cock sucking, complete with a full-on face fucking and both hunks spewing all over.
Featuring:  JC Carter, Noel
Release Date: 12/27/2017