Nick Holiday - Massage

Nick Holiday was a terrific find. Short in stature but big where it counts, this hairy little fucker is always ready, up for anything we might dish out. When we asked if he'd be willing to strip down for an erotic massage, he was immediately excited and raring to go. Our on-staff masseur poured oil on Nick and got his hands all slippery with oil, rubbing Nick's body and kneading his muscles. Then our masseur got Nick on his knees, ass up in the air, and played with that sweet, hairy, rarely used tight little pucker, working a finger inside Nick, who winced, but didn't complain. Guess he knew what was coming next. Him! That fat slab of meat throbbed and jumped, spewing seed all over his furry belly, and even get some on his lips!
Featuring:  Nick Holiday
Release Date: 02/28/2018