Marc Jacob

Marc Jacob is a 26-year-old who sometimes helps us out during shoots. He loves it when the guys come to visit so we thought we'd surprise him one day and let him be the focus of our attention! He was a bit shy about it at first but we could tell he was getting a raging boner. Marc peeled off his shirt and pants, showing off that tight build he's earned from years of hard, outdoor work. Then he pulled out his big, uncut cock and started stroking his cock with one hand while his free hand found its way down to his moist hole. He worked his cock and finger-fucked himself until he blew a load of baby batter all over his stomach. After, he confessed that although he loves getting down with both boys and girls, he thought of an aggressive tattooed guy he'd seen recently, which helped him get off, which only set our wheels in motion. You just never know, we told him, and left it at that.
Featuring:  Marc Jacob
Release Date: 09/25/2017