Lecio Mar and Eugene Colt - Loser Takes All

I really don't like wrestling. Never have. I didn't do it for the sport of competition. I did it for the guys. Any sport where I could get physical with a dude without having to touch a ball, sign me up. That's when I met Lecio, and all I could think about was his balls slapping against my face and ass. Lucky for me, he thinks the same way I do. Our private practice at my house was just the place. I let him pin me and lay there as he touched my chest and nipples before undressing me. He took my dick into his mouth and started sucking. I was so horny for him. He then stood up and gave me some of his cock too, which I needed. I thought it would end there, but then he bent me over and gave me the best fuck I've had all school year.
Featuring:  Eugene Colt, Lecio Mar
Release Date: 11/11/2022