Kort Matador

It's not often we get a model any taller than 6 feet, which is why we were so stunned when Kort Matador appeared at the studio. We'd spoken a few times and exchanged personal details but when someone tells you that they're 6'4" you can't imagine what that feels like until they're standing in front of you and your craning your neck as you look up to them. But Kort is so much more than a tall drink. He's a handsome young man with a big set of pecs and abs that ripple all the way down to his manhood. He's worked out at the gym for a long time and it shows. Kort is also the type who jumps into something with both feet, once he's made up his mind to do a certain thing. Like, getting naked in front of the camera. He took off his jacket to reveal a perfect upper body then flexed to show off his toned, nicely muscled body. Kort then stripped down and showed off the rest of his body. He's naturally smooth and all man, in all the right places. Kort is also a bit of a contortionist and showed off for us before grabbing hold of his big fat cock and stroking away before throwing his head back to spray his seed over his stomach.
Featuring:  Kort Matador
Release Date: 12/18/2017