Kobe Strong

Kobe Strong was on a practice field when we first spotted the 20-year-old stud. At 6'3" and 190 pounds of muscle, we knew we had to see him naked. It didn't take much to convince Kobe to strip for the camera and show off his chiseled body. He wasn't shy about letting us know he's straight but as we all know, straight men love being ogled and lusted after. He certainly got off on our crew, admiring and lusting over him during the photo shoot! He may have hesitated a minute when it came back to drop trou but he did it and never looked backed. We got Kobe in the shower, where he lathered up, showing off his muscles before drying off and settling in to work out a load. And what a load it turned out to be!
Featuring:  Kobe Strong
Release Date: 03/28/2018