Justin Wayne Returns

While on set, just before filming, Justin Wayne appeared at the studio. He stepped out of his car, shirtless, wearing board shorts and cowboy boots. He needed quick cash and since there's no better way of earning that money than by jerking off and whipping out a load, we pushed back our regularly scheduled scene. The other models didn't mind...as long as they got to watch. Justin was down for being watched and wasted little time in dropping his shorts and start working his big fat cock. Justin began to sweat as his cock began to throb. Every so often he'd look up to see if the other models were still watching and he teased them mercilessly. They all had their cocks out, wanking away and matching him stroke for stroke. When Justin couldn't hold back any longer, he shot his load and we half expected someone to run over to lap up all that creamy goodness!
Featuring:  Justin Wayne
Release Date: 04/25/2018