Johannes Lars and Elliott Holloman - Hard Distraction

Elliott Holloman is at home watching television but bored out of his mind. He's watched all he's cared to watch, and what he has on isn't very interesting. In walks Johannes Lars, looking for something to do, and offers Elliot a sexy distraction. The twinks start making out, and Johannes wastes little time in groping Elliot's hard-on. Soon, Johannes wraps his pretty lips around Elliot's mouth-watering cock and stars to suck. Elliot returns the favor, teasing Johannes's big cock. After a while, Johannes starts to finger his hole, giving Elliot the green light. Except he's got no say in the matter. Johannes is taking that dick, whether Elliot wants to give it or not. And take it, he does! Johannes fucks himself bareback, sitting down slowly, at first. But once that juicy slab of twink meat slides home, Johannes starts to bounce. After a while, he gets up and lets Elliot take over. Pushing his ass out so Elliot can put it back in, Johannes takes it all. Elliot works up to a good, steady rhythm and fucks a huge load out of Johannes before spilling his seed, to mingle with Johannes's creamy mess.
Release Date: 05/01/2020