Joey Vox and JC Carter

While on break from college, Joey Vox called to say he needed extra spending money. He wanted to know if we'd paired him up to earn that greenback. We set him up with tattooed muscle jock, JC Carter. Now, it had been a while since either of them had gotten off so when they meet, they were ready to roll. Joey didn't waste time wrapping his big lips around JC's already hard dick. Joey stripped and the guys got into a hot and heavy 69, until Joey was ready for JC's big stud cock in his tight hairy hole. Joey got on all fours and spread his legs. JC took that hot hole and made it his, fucking Joey into the bed, who spread himself out and grabbed the edge of the mattress while JC drilled deep. Both flexed tight bodies as JC fucked Joey hard, using the entire bed as their canvas on which to paint an image of their lust. JC put Joey on his back and spread his legs open wide and gave it to Joey good. Joey took it like a champ and loved every inch. Eventually, with both studs ready to shoot, JC bent Joey over the side of the bed and fucked the cum out of him, then fed Joey a big thick load of jizz!
Featuring:  JC Carter, Joey Vox
Release Date: 01/24/2018