Joey Vox - Outdoors

Joey Vox actually came to the studio with another model, one who had a solo session to film. We weren't sure what Joey knew about us, and what we do but we thought we might test him. When casually mentioned that we film guys jerking off he was more than just curious. He was quite intrigued and even went as far as to ask what we paid. It wasn't much but he was broke and quickly agreed. So, while his buddy filmed inside the house with another crew member, we grabbed another camera and quickly got Joey to perform. He's young and cute, with a penchant for sports, basketball in particular. Which is why we show him here, in his baller shorts, dribbling the ball while we, on the other hand, dribbled once Joey dropped his drawers and showed us what he'd been blessed with. Definitely one of those flawless beauties you've heard tell about! Since it was late in the day, we quickly head into night, which only made Joey even hornier. Enjoy!
Featuring:  Joey Vox
Release Date: 01/29/2018