Jean Gilliam and Kyle Polaski - Enough Said

Some invitations turn out better than expected.When Kyle gets invited to Jean's house after track practice, he wasn't sure what would happen. Maybe they play a video game or watch tv. But Jean had a different plan. While sitting on the couch, Jean starts kissing and groping Kyle. He then pulls Kyle's shorts off, exposing his hard cock. He then lifts Kyle's shirt and plays with nips before working down his body and taking Kyle's cock in his mouth. Jean then sits back and lets Kyle get a taste of his cock. Once his dick is hard, Jean lays side by side with Kyle and enters his buddy from behind. Jean starts slow but soon pounding away at Kyle's tight hole. They then move to the other chair, where Kyle bends over, ready to take more cock. Now Jean has control of his buddy's hole and gets in it deep while Kyle strokes his cock. Kyle then moves to his back, and Jean fucks his friend more until he pulls out and gives kyle a nice facial after kyle cums on his belly.
Featuring:  Jean Gilliam, Kyle Polaski
Release Date: 05/07/2021