Jay Hammel and Jaison Moon - His Best Attempt

There was no way I was letting Jaison beat me again this wrestling season. Last year I was new to the team, and he embarrassed me, so now it’s payback. We got to my house, cleared out the living room, and it was time to go. After getting into some grabbing and groping, I got Jaison on the floor and pinned him down. But it wasn’t long before my dick was between his lips. I finally got off of him and let him get a full taste of my cock. I could see he was getting hard, so I kissed him and then took my spot between his legs before putting him on his knees and filling his ass. His hole was tight but opened up nicely for me to pound. I let him ride me and then fucked him on his back, where we both shot our loads. I love payback.
Featuring:  Jaison Moon, Jay Hammel
Release Date: 12/31/2021