Jamie Kelvin and Kyle Polaski - Lets Bounce

I was getting tired of riding the bench and was more interested in riding my teammate, Jamie’s, big fucking dick. I’ve been craving a piece of Jamie since auditions and decided that I'd finally do something about it. So after practice, I invited him over, and within seconds we were kissing. I can’t even begin to tell you how soft his lips were. And I just knew they would feel amazing on my cock. He pulled my pants down and started sucking my dick. I then returned the favor and took his tool into my mouth. We took our clothes off, and I took my place, bent over the couch, waiting for him to slide inside me. It felt amazing when he finally got it all in. Jamie fucked my hole all over the couch until I ended up on my back, stroking my cock and getting a facial from Jamie.
Featuring:  Jamie Kelvin, Kyle Polaski
Release Date: 08/27/2021