Jake Austin and Haigan Sence

Jake Austin had been a fan of Haigan Sence for a while. They'd been sexting each other for close to a month, trying to schedule a scene. It took some doing but we finally got them in the same room at the exact same time. While Jake filled out his paperwork, Haigan kept distracting him by flexing his throbbing cock. Jake could hardly wait to wrap his lips around Haigan's cock and when he finally did, he sucked Haigan slow and deep. But Haigan is a fucker and always after a piece of tail. He bent Jake over the arm of the couch, filling his ass with bad boy uncut cock. Haigan actually threw us all off by fucking Jake slow, caressing his inked body. But after a while the old Haigan came back, picking up the pace and letting us hear the sound of his balls slapping against Jake's hot ass. The two fucked for a long while, ending up with Jake on his shoulders as Haigan fucked the cum out of him before milking out his own creamy load.
Featuring:  Haigan Sence, Jake Austin
Release Date: 11/15/2017