Jackson Wright - JACKSON Compilation

Ever have that one friend everyone wants to fuck, including you? I have a friend just like that, named is Jackson Wright. He is a cute, boyish twink bottom with big puppy dog eyes and creamy skin. Jackson loves to play shy when we go out and then comes back the next day to tell me all about the sex he had. I remember one time he was training with this hot dude Justin and was acting all cute. Needless to say, Justin took him back home and used his boy hole till he came all over his pretty pink hole and ass cheeks. Or the time he cheated on his boyfriend with sexy Daniel Hausser in his bathtub. It was just some fun oral, but what a mouth Daniel has on him. Or the time that his boyfriend Timber Harvest fucked his face and gave him a huge facial as revenge for cheating. It was like putting out a fire with a big thick cock hose. Clearly, he didn't learn his lesson because he followed it up with a hot fucking threesome with Chris Summers and me that next week. Oh yeah, we used Jackson just like he likes it. He was riding cock and getting pounded. He came while Chris was fucking his ass. Then we shared Chris's load to the face. I do enjoy time with my whore friends.
Release Date: 10/30/2020