JJ Handler - Massage

JJ Handler was in desperate need of a massage. Naturally, once we heard what JJ needed, we just had to get him naked on our table. He laid down on his stomach so our "Hands Guy" could knead his muscles with long smooth strokes. JJ got on all fours so we could oil up his muscled ass, teasing his tight hole since we were already in that mouth watering region. It was difficult to ignore JJ's low hanging sack and huge cock so we made sure he got the attention he deserved. JJ flipped over on his back and let our hands oil him up again with slow sensual strokes, every once in a while stopping to stimulate JJ's hard black nipples. Our hands finally found their way to JJ's cock, peeling back the thick foreskin. Our hands kept stroking JJ as his cock slowly filled with blood. Once JJ was fully hard, he started rubbing his chest and thrusting his hips as our hands jerked that huge slab of meat. Definitely a two-fister! With both hands wrapped around his cock and pumping away, JJ shot a fountain of cum all over his torso. Now that's what we call a massage with a happy ending!
Featuring:  JJ Handler
Release Date: 01/17/2018