Ian Holden and Jacob Dolce - Let's Never Stop

Do you remember your first time? Ian and Jacob have been friends since the third grade. They never really got close as kids but developed a new type of relationship once they grew up. It wasn't until last summer that they both came out to each other and decided they would be each other's first. Well, today was that day. They start with some kissing. Ian then makes his way down Jacob's chest until he reaches his cock. He teases it with his mouth and then switches with Jacob, who isn't interested in teasing. He takes Ian's cock between his lips and begins to suck. Ian loves how warm Jacobs's mouth is, but really does wants to suck on Jacob too. After he does, he bends Jacob over the couch to get fucked. Jacob has been ready and waiting for this so long that his hole opens right up for Ian. They fuck all over the couch until Jacob is ready to cum. He rides Ian's big cock, stroking his own until creamy jizz starts pouring out. Ian then pulls out and shoots his load all over Jacob.
Featuring:  Ian Holden, Jacob Dolce
Release Date: 03/05/2021