Damien Slater and Joey Vox

After spending a weekend getting fucked on camera by practically every guy we could find, we promised Damien Slater he'd be able to top soon enough. Although he balked -- he's such a good bottom! -- he beamed suddenly when we gave him his choice of guys to fuck. Naturally, he picked Joey Vox. We might have known since, in a previous scene, Joey had fucked Damien for more than two hours. After a good round of 69 (Joey's favorite), Damien got Joey on his stomach and slid his big uncut cock into that sweet, rarely fucked tight hole. Joey tensed up and gripped the mattress as Damien's manhood pried him open but after a few good deep breaths, Joey settled in and let Damien go for broke. Joey then decided he wanted to go for a ride so he sat on Damien's hard cock and worked it with his muscled ass. Joey's sweaty body bucked as he took Damien's cock balls deep, bringing a new meaning to the term "lap dance." Damien has a thing about sweaty guys. If the fucking is good enough that they both work up a sweat, it sends him over the edge. These nasty sweaty boys stopped fucking only long enough for Joey to take Damien's load in his mouth and share it with his new best friend. Later, after we'd put our equipment away and everyone had settled in for a cozy night with wine and a movie, Damien and Joey disappeared. And the moment we heard Damien's moans we knew Joey was giving it right back to him. Unfortunately, they'd locked the door on us. Don't you just hate it when you're not invited?
Featuring:  Damien Slater, Joey Vox
Release Date: 11/26/2018