Genesis and Jackson Hammer

Genesis had been after us for weeks to meet his new boyfriend, Jackson Hammer. When we finally did we were like, holy fuck. What an adorable twink! We could see why Genesis was so enamored of the slender hottie. Naturally we had to have them fuck for us on camera and since that was one of their mutual fantasies, we decided not to waste time. We turned the cameras on and turned them loose. The two are obviously head over heels for each other and it shows. They could barely keep their lips off each other long enough for us to hear how they met and learn a little more about Jackson, the bottom boy wonder. Both were rock hard from the start and swapped blow jobs before getting to the business we were all interested in the most. Genesis tongue fucked Jackson's hole, getting it nice and sloppy for Genesis' throbbing tool. Once primed, Jackson straddled his boyfriend and rode that big fat cock as if we weren't even there. But that was only the beginning. Genesis ravished Jackson's twink hole before pulling out and drenching Jackson with his man juice. What else could Jackson do but lick up every drop? We don't know if they're still together but at the very least, we have this amazingly hot and incredibly sexy fuck to remind us of their puppy love.
Featuring:  Genesis, Jackson Hammer
Release Date: 09/03/2018