Genesis and Cash Walker

The pairing between Genesis and Cash Walker happened because Cash texted us with a simple message: HRNY. ND 2 GET FKD!. We were already sexting with Genesis and asked if he'd be interested in throwing a fuck into Cash. We sent Genesis a picture and within seconds he replied with: b there in 10. Naturally, we had a lot to do, what with cleaning up after a previous scene, in addition to texting back Cash to let him know we'd found someone to fuck his sweet ass. He was curious to know who was going to ride him but not terribly concerned. When you're THAT horny, it really doesn't matter anyways. A cock in a hole is exactly that. A cock in a hole with the sole purpose of satisfying an itch. Genesis arrived first, anxious to get his big dick inside Cash. Moments later, Cash arrived. There wasn't a lot of talking. They were just ready to go. They traded sloppy blow jobs until Cash was dripping precum, his hole ready for Genesis. Cash propped himself up on all fours and Genesis made a meal out of that tight little hole before slowly working that thick cock into Cash's juicy ass. Cash just let go, let loose, and let Genesis take complete control. Genesis pounded away, giving it to Cash balls deep before unloaded a creamy snack into Cash's hungry mouth, then going in for a taste of his own jizz.
Featuring:  Cash Walker, Genesis
Release Date: 01/14/2019