Dominic Easton and Harry Davis - That Boy Can Play

A deal is a deal. It was a long season, but finally, something good has happened to the soccer team that Dominic and Harry are on. Never in a million years did Harry think it would mean he had to give Dominic a blow job, but after Dominic saved the game, a deal was a deal. Harry sat on the bed, pulled Dominic's shorts down, and put his mouth on his musky cock. Harry loved the taste as much as the smell, and it showed. Soon it was Dominic's turn to suck on his buddy's dick before turning him on his knees and slipping his cock in Harry, doggy style. Harry is ready to take some cock and loves how it feels in his ass. He moans as Dominic pounds his butt before getting on top and riding his buddy's big cock. Harry then gets on his back and cums all over himself while Dominic pumps his hole. Dominic then shoots his load on Harry. Debt paid.
Featuring:  Dominic Easton, Harry Davis
Release Date: 02/12/2021