Dallas J and Cody Starks

Get ready for some big dick cock sucking and butt fucking action! Cody Starks -- tall, slender and dark -- is a sexy fucker with all those bad-boy tattoos while Dallas J, a pierced and tattooed ex-country farmboy is just as hot and eager to get off. After making out they get down to business with a serious approach as they take turns sucking each other. No idle chit chat, no story. Just down and dirty fucking. And speaking of fucking...Dallas J truly comes alive the moment Cody penetrates that tight, rarely fucked hole. Dallas arches his back and meets every forward thrust with a delicious grunt to let you know just how much he’s enjoying that huge cock up his ass while Cody bangs away, flesh smacking flesh, big balls hypnotically swaying back and forth. Dallas rides Cody's big dick, his own meaty slab bouncing up and down but gets back on his belly so Cody can really go to town, each releasing big loads -- which we had to show twice! -- of pent-up stress and jizz.
Featuring:  Cody Starks, Dallas J
Release Date: 04/09/2018