Competitive Edge

There’s no stopping a twink in heat, especially when they are as competitive as Alan, Max, Alex, George, and Christian. George’s been stroking his dick almost every night for the last two weeks to the thought of playing with his teammate Christian and fucking his tight ass. Alan wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into when he invited Max to his house, but Alan knew who he wanted to be in. Alex is relaxing outside the high school gym, waiting for his teammate and boyfriend, Max. The feel of his new tracksuit was making him horny, and he began touching himself. When Max finally arrived, he could tell by the look in Alex's eyes what he wanted. George is in the locker room after soccer practice and can't help but feel stress coursing through his shoulders. Alex walks in, and George asks if he wouldn't mind giving him a massage. But what he really wants is cock. Nothing like that competitive edge to make your dick stand straight up.
Featuring:  Alan Stark, Alex Blade
Release Date: 09/17/2021