Collin Redd

For those of you love redheads, we're pleased to present Collin Redd. What else would his name be? Lol! He hit us up after some friends egged him on. Since we know many of you love a sexy little ginger with a big dick, how could we resist? Turns out, Collin has always wanted to be in front of the camera and we were happy to oblige. Collin is hot as hell with a southern twang, deep red hair, and a sexy, almost shy smile. Collin sat on the couch and told us about some of his sexual flings, including how he likes to get off. He says he prefers girls but we think he just hasn't had the right guy to lead him astray and show him what he's missing out. Collin stripped down, showed of his flaming red pubes, then sat back for a good stroke session. And what until you get a load of that thick, throbbing manhood and that bulbous head. Yeah, you'll watch him work the full length of his veiny shaft but you'll wish you'd been here to wrap your lips around that puppy, especially when he shoots that jet stream of thick white cum. Yummm!
Featuring:  Collin Redd
Release Date: 10/30/2017