Cole Markum and Haigan Sence

We've wanted to see Haigan Sence fuck Cole Markum for a while now. We'd contacted Cole to see if he would be interested but hadn't touched base with Haigan as we wanted to make sure Cole would be into it first. As for Haigan, he's mostly straight with a big cock, always horny and in need of getting off, so we knew he'd have no problem fucking Cole. Then came the surprise. On a snowy, wintery day, Haigan walked in followed by a shirtless Cole. Up went the lights and the camera's started rolling because these bad boys came ready to fuck! Cole and Haigan made out, shoving their tongues down each other's throats while naked in the middle of the room. After Haigan explored Cole's fine ass, the hunk dropped to his knees and sucked Haigan's cock deep into his mouth. Once that cock was primed full of spit, Haigan fucked Cole for close to an hour, filling, stretching and pounding Cole's hole while Cole's own huge cock bounced on his stomach. Haigan fucked the cum out of Cole then finished off by feeding Cole a big creamy load.
Featuring:  Cole Markum, Haigan Sence
Release Date: 12/13/2017