Cody is a sexy 19-year-old fucker with a sexy attitude. He came to put on a show for us and we have to say, he did just that. As soon as we got to know each other a little better and got some paperwork out of the way, Cody focused his attention on the cameras. His charm, which had wowed us from the moment we met, flew straight out the window when he grabbed his boxers and ripped them off. Clearly his ass and dick were in need of some attention! Completely naked, Cody turned it up and let his inhibitions go. Cody worked himself up until his body was glistening with perspiration. He spread his legs and pumped out a creamy load all over his belly and hairy nut sack, his head thrown back in exhaustion. When he wiped his sweaty cum load all over his torso it was all we could do to keep from throwing ourselves at his luscious body and licking him clean.
Featuring:  Cody
Release Date: 07/31/2017