Why is it that some of the hottest, sexiest men are straight? Is it the proverbial -- pardon the pun -- forbidden fruit? Or it there more? The intangible feeling that under the right circumstances, that straight guy just MIGHT fulfill your fantasies, and then some. Regardless of the reason, you're going to love this muscled hunk. Charlie is a private man who loves to work on his body. He especially loves to show off his hard work and we can't say we blame him. We'd made several attempts to meet with Charlie in the past but our schedules never aligned. But one day, we had a no-show, he had a cancellation and BOOM! He was surprisingly comfortable the moment he walked through the door and we fell in love. We on set, that is. Not Charlie and us. Still, it didn't stop Charlie from being flirtatious. He loves attention, even if he doesn't talk much, which gave us the opportunity to admire his chiseled body. Charlie kept watching us as he took off his clothes and slowly rubbed his cock through his underwear. After teasing us for a while, which included raising his legs to let us glimpse his tight pink knot, Charlie grabbed the lube and went to town. He stoked nice and slow, then fast and furious. Finally, he touched his hole while jacking his hard cock and it sent him over the edge. Charlie's cock spewed thick creamy cum like a volcano shooting out ropey lava. Ah, to be scorched by Charlie's seed!
Featuring:  Charlie
Release Date: 09/24/2018