Cash McCoy

Cash McCoy, like most men, is an interesting subject. He claims himself as straight but later confessed he's -- let's say, experimented -- with a couple of buddies. Cash is a tall masculine guy with a ripped body. He pulled up his tee-shirt to reveal a six-pack and tattoos. He is shredded from head to toe with a big defined chest, big arms and lats, culminating in a tight tiny waist. Cash kept taking off his clothes after losing the tee, until he was naked and sitting back on the sofa. He settled in and raised his hips off the couch so we could see his lightly hairy hole. Cash teased his balls and taint, all the while letting us know he could do with a big cock up his ass, since his own fingers just weren't cutting it. So we gave him a glass toy. Cash immediately slipped it into his hole and he just about exploded on contact, his legs opened wide and spilling out a creamy load of cum all over his sweaty abs. Yeah. Straight. Right.
Featuring:  Cash McCoy
Release Date: 07/23/2018