Buck and Austin

Dark-haired Buck is stunning with his beefy body and that insatiable ass of his. He immediately wanted all the attention, which suited his scene partner just fine because he was obviously nervous as fuck. Buck broke the ice when he grabbed Austin's hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can almost see Austin thinking about returning the favor but it took him a while to work up the courage. Then again, maybe he was just enjoying the sensation of having a football player type going down on him and servicing his pretty cock! But one taste of Buck's cock and Austin couldn't get enough. The two teased each other for quite a while before Buck demanded Austin shove his cock in his ass. Austin wasn't going to let Buck down so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard, pushing Buck to milk out a creamy white load while stuffing his tight hole.
Featuring:  Austin, Buck
Release Date: 07/04/2018