While in Atlanta from South Beach, Bobby hit us up one afternoon. He said he had a huge cock and asked if we'd like to see. Who are we to turn down a picture of a huge cock? The longer the image took to download, the bigger we knew it was going to be. Needless to say, once the image finished downloading we knew we had to meet him. Bobby was open to pretty much anything we decided to throw his way. And then he pulled out his monster cock, already throbbing. It slapped up against his stomach and everyone on set started drooling. Never mind that he has a long lean build with a nice developed chest and abs. His cock definitely overshadowed any other feature! Bobby lifted his leg so he could run his fingers over his swollen taint. He edged himself for a good hour and when he couldn't hold back any longer, he shot a load of Florida sunshine all over his nut-sak, his fist hammering away at his hard curved cock!
Featuring:  Bobby
Release Date: 09/10/2018