Blowing Ryan - Brandon Lewis and Ryan C

Like a lot of country boys who think with their dicks, Ryan C knocked up his sweetheart. Now she's pimping him out to gay porn studios to pay the bills. And with that big dick of his, who were we to say no? Ryan had never gotten a blowjob from a guy so we called in a cock sucking pro. Brandon Lewis puts a blindfold on Ryan then ties his hands behind his back. Brandon works Ryan's cock until it's rock hard then moves Ryan to the porch railing in order to get his tongue nice and deep in Ryan's virgin hole. Brandon worshipped Ryan's sack with his mouth, alternating between Ryan's hole and cock. Brandon strokes himself as he deep throats Ryan until Brandon busts his nut, still on he knees. Ryan sprays his load all over Brandon's gorgeous southern face for a creamy finish!
Featuring:  Brandon Lewis, Ryan C
Release Date: 07/18/2018