Blake Hollywood

The first time we met Blake Hollywood -- who prefers we address him by his last name -- he pulled out his huge cock and asked if we'd like to see him get naked. Well, we can't remember a time when we EVER turned down that offer so we invited him to jerk off in front of the camera for us. Now, Blake might not be the tallest hunk we've cum across but what he lacks in height he makes up for with plenty of charm, good looks, and a wickedly delicious tattooed body meant for licking from head to toe. His piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile -- a smile that says he's going to fuck your brains out -- are enough to get any warm-blooded male swooning. Once he takes off his clothes and you see that big fat dick, you'll be ready to drop to your knees or give up your ass for a deep pounding. Alas, this is only a solo, one where Blake strokes his swollen cock until he gets some much needed release. Don't you just love this younger generation?
Featuring:  Blake Hollywood
Release Date: 10/16/2017