Beno Eker and Mark Troy - Winner Fucks First

Not every competition has a loser. Beno and Mark enjoy horsing around, but things got serious once they bought their singlets out. They decided to wrestle to see who is fucking who, and pride wouldn't let either give in without a fight. But after a few rounds, Mark taps out, giving Beno the victory and his tight hole. They then take it to the couch, where Mark gets right to it. He helps Beno remove his singlet and starts sucking on his buds cock. Beno helps him too by pushing his head down so he can get it deeper down his throat before they switch. Mark sits back and plays with his nipple as Beno sucks his cock. They then lay on their side as Mark slips his cock inside Beno. Mark takes Beno's dick with ease and enjoys every hard inch. He then rides Beno before getting on his back. Beno fucks his buddy good until Mark shoots his load on his stomach. Beno then pulls out and adds his jizz to the mix. A win-win!
Featuring:  Beno Eker, Mark Troy
Release Date: 02/26/2021