Archer is a 29 year old Texan who spends his days working outdoors and it shows. At 5'8" he's a 175 pounds of solid muscle with hair in all the right places. He's mostly straight but doesn't mind playing with guys here and there. Archer talked to us for a bit about some of the fun he's had with both guys and girls and got himself so turned on we decided to let him get naked and do what comes naturally. It was almost as if Archer's clothes were bothering him and he had to get out of them quick. He then grabbed his cock with one hand while his other found its way down, below his balls and near his hairy hole. The faster Archer jerked his meat, the deeper the fingers slipped beneath his taint and into his wet virgin hole. Archer couldn't hold off long so he looked up at me and said "I'm about to" and then, B-O-O-M! A load of cum spurted out of his hard cock. Archer obviously was horny when he arrived and he admitted being watched just put him over the edge and he couldn't hold back from shooting his wad. Lucky us!
Featuring:  Archer
Release Date: 08/27/2018