Angel Abell and Eugene Colt - Fair Game

Always find a way to win even when you lose. I’m not scared of losing, but I would rather play a game I know I can win. Who knew I could make a game out of fucking my buddy Eugene. We’ve been friends for years, but now we are in my living room after soccer. I wanted another set of balls to play with, and Eugene provided two. I sucked his cock down to the nuts and loved every inch of it. But then it was his turn to drop his lips on my dick and make me hard so I could drill his hole. I was hard within minutes and deep inside of his hole as we fucked on the couch. His ass gripped my dick so good that I pulled out and shot all over his stomach. Eugene came right after me. Winning.
Featuring:  Angel Abell, Eugene Colt
Release Date: 05/27/2022