Alan Stark and Max Gen - More And More

I finally got to fuck my teammate, Max, today after practice. It started out like any other day, hot and muggy. The coach cut soccer practice early today, so Max and I decided to hang at my place. I don't know if Max knew how much I liked him, but it was the perfect time to make my move. We got to my house, and I swear he could tell that I was really into him. Maybe because I was staring at him while we sat on the couch. Or perhaps it was the fact that my cock was growing hard the closer we got. When he caught me looking and asked if I liked what I saw, I couldn't lie. Then he let me touch his cock, and I was ready to jump his ass right then and there. Feeling his cock in my hand was fucking amazing, but sucking it and then having him touch me was better. But none of that compared to feeling him take my cock up his perfect hole. And, feeling my balls drain on his chest as I tea bagged him was the icing on the cake.
Featuring:  Alan Stark, Max Gen
Release Date: 07/09/2021