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Release Date: May 30, 2015
Title: Hung Kayden Fucks Fleshjack
Showing off his perfectly gym-fit body as he reclines on the ladders in the sex shed, his giant dick standing proud above his tracksuit pants, Kayden’s...
Release Date: May 23, 2015
Title: Saxon West and Timmy Treasure
Desperately trying to get out of work early for a wrestling meet, red headed Saxon West manages to wrangle it and heads straight to the gym to meet his next...
Release Date: May 16, 2015
Title: Twink Ass Play
Sweet sexy young Kamyk Walker joins the shed and it’s a good thing too! His pale smooth skin and horny appetite belie the innocent look on his cute face....
Release Date: May 09, 2015
Title: Mathew Davids and Dolan Wolf
New to the wrestling scene, Mathew Davids is being taught some of the basic pinning positions of wrestling by tutor Dolan Wolf. The older, hairy man takes...


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Ruined Orgy - Brunal Bernal
Who doesn’t love an orgy on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Bruno Bernal and new face Craig Daniel certainly know how to...


Release Date: June 06, 2015

Title: Mathew Davids and Kayden Gray
Mathew is back and putting his lessons into practice with current champion Kayden Gray. Working the gym mat, it’s obvious Mathew’s still got a lot to learn, both on the mats and off them! Winner Kayden gets his victors rights on Mathew, and after pushing him to the wall, gets a hot face fucking from his twink loser! Pushing himself to deep-throat, Kayden ensures that young cock is wet with spit before he lets Mathew loose on his own thick meat. Slightly worried...